2nd Grade: Mrs. Tomala

Math: Kindly do pages #83 and #84 for homework. I have helped the children complete the “heavy” common core items in class. A new Word List  for Topic #2 was sent home. Please practice these terms and their meanings with your child.  This “Realize” Math series expects a good command of the Math vocabulary. I’m sorry to report that Pearson has not sent us codes, as of yet. We are using the “Listen and Learn” section via the Smartboard. I am plugging into the original Math” Demo” site. You may want to try logging into it, also. Go onto www. pearsonrealize.com with the user name= StCyrilDemo, and the password= Pearson1. Good luck!

Science: Please continue to work on the Animal project, which is due in 9/30/2016.  We are using the audio books to review the attributes and adaptations of the different kinds of animals. God’s world is amazing.

2T Religion: We’re highlighting, discussing, and completing exercises about Original sin, Adam and Eve, plus the sacrament of Baptism. The Smartboard tools come in handy when you are modeling how to accent important passages in the Religion text.

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