6th Grade Accelerated Literature-Mrs. Coules

For those of you that didn’t finish the Elements of Plot organizer in your Interactive Literature Notebook today, here are the definitions:

Exposition:  -The first part of the plot.  -Characters, setting, and basic situations are revealed.

Inciting Incident:  -The event that sets the story in motion.  -Makes the rest of the story possible.

Rising Action:  -Main part of the story.  -Moves the plot along.  -Where complications arise.

Climax:  The most exciting or intense part of the story for the protagonist.  -The OMG!  -Usually a turning point.

Falling Action:  -Events that follow the climax and lead to the resolution.  -Conflict begins moving towards resolution.

Resolution:  -The end of the story.  -Loose ends of the plot are tied up.  -Remaining questions are answered.  -Conflicts are resolved.


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