4L – Mrs. Lavin

4L Religion – Ch 2 Test next Tuesday

4L & 4H: Finish if not done:
Social Studies – Finish Ch 1 Study Guide by Monday

Put on loose leaf: Ch 1 Review, Text P. 34-35 as follows: All Vocab, Facts & Main Idea
#1,2,3,& 6, and All Apply Skills

Ch 1 Test next Wednesday

Science – WB P. 7A

4H Math – WB P. 5 All

Don’t forget tomorrow is the Field Trip. Have your child dress for the weather. Wear long pants and their gym shirt. Wear mosquito repellent!

Also, if you have not tried to access your child’s religion book on-line, please do so. There have been some glitches. Let me know!

Please ask your child for their Aspire Test Results – they are being sent home today!

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