2nd Grade: Mrs. Tomala

Science: We visited pearsonsuccess.net to read, highlight, and discuss pages 12-15. We used the audio function on Smartboard, which made the review quite interesting. The homework assigned is: kindly use COMPLETE sentences (with correct spelling and punctuation) to answer ALL the questions on pages 13 and 14. Please include” ART in Science” on page 14. Kindly note: you only need to include two types of fruit for “Health in Science” on page #13.We will be taking a nature hike when the temperature cools off a bit. The nature items that are to beĀ  collected will be used to make a “math table” and a “bar graph”.

2T Religion: We continue to work on the Ten Commandments.

2T Handwriting: Please complete page #16 (manuscript x, k, and z)).

Math: We used ten frame templates to count “up” and count “down” to solve addition and subtraction equations. Red and yellow counters helped the students visualize the mathematical processes. All of today’s work was “hand-on”. We worked in math groups and rotated math tasks. This semi-constant motion keeps us fresh and helps promote co-operation among group members. We will begin timed fact tests, shortly. I would likeĀ  the children to get settled in before we start anything else, new.

This is such a wonderful class. It is truly a pleasure to work with each and every one of them. Enjoy your evening !!

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