1st Grade: Mrs. Stock

It was Great seeing everyone at Curriculum night! Thank you for coming!


Tuesday, September 6th, is Picture Day. Children should dress up for pictures. Girls; No high heels or flip flops. IMPORTANT: Please have your child bring the envelope that you received for picture day today. Thank you!

Here is this week’s schedule: September 5th-9th.

Tuesday: Math: Both First Grades: Math Homework and Practice 1-2 ┬ápages 19 and 20. Please show your work. Thank you. Please have your child write their first and last name in their neatest handwriting. Your child should complete the work independently. Please read the story problems with your child. The children have learned the following Math Vocabulary Words: add, sum, plus, equals, equation, more, join, how many, in all, parts, whole. When you see these words in a story problem, please have your child double underline these important vocabulary words.Please look for Math Word Cards pages 3 and 4 in your child’s Red Hot today. Please keep these cards at home. Please study, practice, and review the Word Cards. It is an Excellent way to prepare your child for a test. Please have your child circle numbers in the story problem. Homework is practice and reinforces what has been taught in class that day. Homework should take no longer than 15 minutes. Any longer than 15 minutes, please let me know. Your child should place the completed homework in their Red Hot News folder and return the homework to their homeroom teacher. Homework is due first thing in the morning.

I look forward to teaching your child tomorrow!

Have a Great Day!

Mrs. Stock

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