2nd Grade: Mrs. Tomala

Handwriting Homework: Kindly do page #8.

Math Homework: Please do pages 5 and 6.

Math: We began lesson 1-1, today. I’ll be sending home the first study packet for the Topic #1 test tomorrow. Please look for it. I have attached the Topic #1 vocabulary list to the packet. Updated on-line codes will be sent home, shortly.

Science and Social Studies: Pearson codes will be sent home tomorrow. I did not type the code sheet, and I noticed that my name is misspelled. Kindly note, that my last name is spelled TOMALA. . You can use these codes to look up the text pages, or to further explain a topic. Their common password is comets2023. The children use their name for the user ID. For example;  tomala.sue

Have a nice evening. Enjoy the lovely weather.

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