2nd Grade: Mrs. Tomala

Please note that all 2nd graders will need seat sacks for this year. We sell them here for $10.00. The children have quite a few books etc. to transport to the other class for switch. The seat sacks help the children keep all of their necessary items together. .

Science: Please continue to work on your Plant Project.

Math: We visited Mathletics, and will proceed to 2nd grade leveled math, as our codes are re-entered for the new school year.  Transitions should be completed during the next two weeks. We also spent time on Jetski-Addition by Hooda Math to review our basic facts. K-2nd grade started on a new, improved Envision Math series. I’ll distribute your new codes as soon as I receive them.

2T “Special” schedules were passed out to keep you informed of the 2T daily schedule. Kindly let me know if you did not receive one. Thank you.

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